Don't order from Nibbin-never received item

Churchton, Maryland 1 comment
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I ordered an item for my home theatre room (a dressing room star) from and never received the item.I called them and emailed several times and was told by Ivan that he would check order status with their distributor.

I never heard back so I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company and I found and ordered the item elsewhere. I do not recommend ordering from Nibbin. You may or may not ever see the item - but they will charge your credit card right away.

And their promises to check orders go unfulfilled.

Review about: Dressing Room Star.



I agree!The exact same thing happened to me and I got the same treatment.

I am furious and hope that Nibbin goes out of business soon!

I can't believe that companies that *** people like that can stay in business.STAY AWAY FROM NIBBIN.COM!!!

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